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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 24, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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ghchl after testing positive to ebola. >> tim hudson ready to take the mound no game three of the world series. >> ever seen a little bit of patchy fog in the north bay right now will thes. in. >> we'll take a look and see how that's affecting your drive, as well pan the emily look outside the city of oakland, they will not prk but nrn. >> from nm spade.
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a good frichl. >>le jints were the only ones gearing up for another night of baseball. stephanie chunk joins us live to san francisco. it's quite a fan experience. >> absolutely. good morning to you, laura. a lot people want to talk, take the experience again but they also want to take a piece of the game. tally. >> we sfrng they're there to make sure is legitimate. >> can you show us while we have you on care this thoork splk.
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>> will actual so i'll sfechl pb two of them are for division and the championship here bein. we have our authenticator set up in the clubhouse. they're looking at the game's used jerseys and of course champagne bottles so when the players throw the champagne on each other, we're in case to you a then the cot this zd. >> you had more out out on a regular baef this ll friday in
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there. >> i'm sure you're going to get a good ant fadepersonal wrrchlt that's a little different but it will will lch lurch snfrm thoo. in snchl they nbc bay area point come. >> there was a newly diagnosed that knows related to the liberian patient in dallas.
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frnl. >> what would if nrnl. >> wide receivers, we have keep it in perspective everybody bowl la patients in the west african marv prn. >> spencer prurng nrchl. >> was it a appearance f nfrm. >> i think next. >> burn in. >> sfrchl (so we feel good the
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way we're handling the situation. >> let talk about the risk that spencer's creation fits. the doctor was at home for about a week before he was stick. but the cdc has said he's not contagious until he develops a theater and that happened yesterday. coming up, we'll talk more about the test that this case presents for the cdc and the president's new owe blah wab stwrrk. okay, breaking news right now. favorites twrrk, were they prch
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we have the crew headed to the scene and we'll bring you a live report coming up later this morning. >> and a neighborhood dealing with an e. coli contamination. drinkable sap water still unknown. crews working, dmrnl. >> orange a little more. >> trying to get excited for game three. the pitch sut pin is the mshl neither has pitched in the, if.
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>> nshlg. >> thai been before. the stadium is ready. they're going to have the painting over on the grass ready. the mound is covered up to make sure that it ready for today's game. the grass is a little let,ily a. >> again, as you mentioned, laura, tim sudden shun will be
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are sprks. >> it's almost a sense of relief. you know, that it's finley here. that if. >> and if you were over watching the game with kansas city, games one and two, you saw how loud that crowd was in kansas city. some of the informational baseball stadiums was saying this is not the ps. >> and no more royals blue.
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you're going to see a sea of orange and black. >> i like his theory about why it's sold out because we're just so enthusiastic about the giants. >> and it's early. it's 5:08. >> it is. >> let's check in with rob m maye mayeda. >> we have some morning fog, a little dues a pointed out there. of 2 and it looks like our weather pattern will be good to you want to look for the oregon ca cale. >> think be able to bring some
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midnight tonight. it will feel maybe limb are. hp nem. >> rn a slight chance of thunder in the north bay. and we'll also see showers around san jose and san francisco. cool temperatures to star off the weekend and heads begin to dili but you're not watching the once of one. >> there's going to be a lot of traffic gifding berkeley curve.
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3580, 580 and the rescue basis moves very lick crit sfrurchl rob did mention,s a i've mentioned as well, a towel game out here, these feeks may be 880. we'll take you down toward the stadium station over there at santa clara golden date begin. it zbrrng. a tlul to watch the 9 gal
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should go nrchls if the fed fed and mike tools are approved, they would go into effect 2013. so many people travel to the bay area just to cross it. >> it's true they may not be happy with that. >> maybe not. >> and bringing back an old favorite from the dial-up internet station pj only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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firefighters say the fire broke out near piedmont road. you say several homes on that street had to be evacuated this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. several homes were evacuated but at this time pim twin. >> the battalion chief said everything changes when they're dealing with not only a fire but also a rescue. >> at that time we're setting up ladders. a couple have actually jumped off the roof. it was very involved, very smokey up there.
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they were obviously in distress. >> one resident, apparently the grandmother, was burned and was transported to the hospital. we tried speaking to a woman and her two daughters but understandably they were pretty shaken up and did not want to go on camera. they say the fire started on the first floor and they being vat waited from. >> there was a threat inside the home, a dog who want able to make it out be oh, another hour and at this point the cause of the fire isily,.
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cap off a good weit looks le we're probably going to have a bit of a pause, maybe a little bit of profit taking this morning. we had a strong wally on thursday. at pun wount with ebola in new york city that was confirmed last night. so the dow is on track for its best week since august. we'll get data today on new home sales, earnings from procter & gamble and ups has been better than expected. but so far looks lied park. >> it's point but naz dog rise.
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and we've learned. have a great weekend. >> in a throwback, internet is bringing back the chat room. it let users create content for their favorites, suchs a their favorite baseball team. people will be allowed to produce, video, fibd pi hechl, if it's a throwback until they're doing that. >> rob is up earning this morning. he changes child chains, the comfort today too. you go o inging a, from 62 degr
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this morning with patchy pb. >> warming is quickly. . to can kp getting pretty impressive. in the meantime, a pretty mild afternoon in store. 78 degrees today and even san francisco should make a run at some low 70s. saratoga about 80 degrees. high today in the low 70s. increasing clouds later on this afternoon. tri-valley up to 70s near. >> because today looks like increase in may be the kroot
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wro wrong). so the storm timeline coming into to increasing krk,. >> tomorrow morning you will see the winds come down into the south bay. some gusts could be approaching 30 miles per hour in parts of the bay area for tomorrow morning. the weekend starting off with that weather system. you'll see our skies begin to clear. temperatures staying cool this weekends a the sunshine comes back, heading on into the sun. back to you. >> all right, rob.
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i wanted to show folks our view from everywhere. folks, if you're joining us from out of town, perhaps kansas city, you got to know where all the fines and where they can get. no drama. you see a smooth driver there. it's a lighter friday commute. now north of the golden gate bridge, a nice easy drive as well, watching for chances of fog drifting through. so weather not showing any problems and we don't see any problems k heading down to the
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santa cruz side will be a distraction on the other side of the freeway. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> an event in central london was held by the action on addiction clarity. kate is bauming by acute morning sickness. she is happening her second child over the risk of cage in i ev ever. >> baby george is going to have to have a sibling here. >> that's right, big brother. >> why a a local film company is suing a local brewery. that's next.
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good morning. george lucas is suing empire brewing company over what they claim is a likeness to the star wars franchise. he claims they use star wars-like names for their beer. for example, a brew titled strikes bach, similar to -- >> maybe there's a parallel. it's a bit of a stretch. >> "saturday night live," they're bringing in a-list comedians for tomorrow night's show. [ screaming ] >> if you don't recognize him by his face, that is actor jim carrey in his last advice the to
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"30 rock," appearing to works a the black spond. >> a lot of people finally friday upon us, they're looking forward to the forecast. >> you're lucky if you head outside today, warm temperatures over 90. you can see 50s outside right nows a we go into the afternoon forecast, upper 70s around san jose before the rain and wind pick up later on tonight. mike? >> a giants game going on today. a couple of issues going on for local traffic. this will be an issue later on, the san mateo bridge and san.
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>> you're for ebola. >> us there a live look at tark tark giants. we'll be back and ready for game three of the world series coming up next. >>overreached in a decidedly cynical way. and prop 46 has too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk. time to vote no on prop 46.
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to developing news on the latest ebola infection in the united states. though new york is the most populous city, health officials are urging people not to panic with word of this new case. >> we know that the new patient is a doctor himself who treated ebola patients in west africa. though he just returned from the disease hot thrown, he was simply elevated as soon as he
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developed a fuld o so we'll start you out in new york with chris pa loan who say that doctors already have that nrjs. >> i think they're reacting with a mixture of concern and ambivalence,s a you might emergency, not money. and nervous about what's this doctor being out and about in the community might have amend to the community and meant to --s a a threat for people here. but at the same time, real fegss her 3sh, had. >> here at the hospital but not showing any signs of ebola. now, the group of four went
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bowling on wednesday night over in brooklyn. they took a couple of subway lines to get over there and then they bowled and took a black car back to manhattan. they say that the two friends are also self-pouring teams but being hon terd. but also showing no signs of ebola whatsoever. so he's being treated here at the hospital. all health officials are keeping an eye on hims a he begins his recovery. >> thank you very much, chris. >> this the first. >> he claims he has already been in contact with state officials. >> the house committee on
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oversight and government reform will examine the federal response to ebola and members will scut interaction organization leaders for national tight inning frrnls. >> but fi first wa specific foo pa had nrms. >> then became very sick. >> thank you very much, chris. in the meantime washington is doing what it can to get a handle on the ebola crisis. we are live in washington with the details in less than ten minutes. >> we also have the baseball world to monitor as well. the giants home for game three of the world series. >> the team arrived yesterday
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after a tough loss to the royals on wednesday night. they're hoping to really turn things around tonight for the hometown crowd. >> damien joins us now inside the ballpark. a pivot a avenuelet me take you over to the bat rack. this is where buster posey drops off his bat right before he hits one of those home runs. let's me show you the spot where bruce bochy stands throughout every game. he's chewing on his nails. he's about three, four feet taller than i am. this is where he high fives everybody when they come home, like hunter pence and gregor
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belong gnaw. cape cod here's what bruce bochy had to say. >> first of all, i'm really excited for him that he gets to pitch in in gauge. he's had an incredible pk. >> when he gets one, it's going to be a special moment. i know he's excited about it. >> we have some of the crew still out here at at&t park. they're making sure that it's ready for gametime activities here. first pitch is at 5:00. again, these national broadcast guys, the network guys who are broadcasting this game are saying they feel at&t park is the loudest baseball stadium in
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the country. so tonight it's up to the giants fans to live up to that laborel. >> no doubt, i bet they will. >> decibel levels on the rise. >> the giants are not the only ones gearing up for game three, though. >> stephans, we've been waiting all week. >> all right. gong -- and the guy who heads it up joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: talk to us about what this means. there's a visual you can look for, right? >> sure. authenticateors are at every game. the visual i have is a baseball that was thrown, the first pitch of game one of the world series
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thrown by james shields to gregor blanco. so we authenticate these baseballs. >> so there's that hologram. >> it's a six-digit number. it will self-destruct. it makes what you see here official. >> reporter: we talked about champagne showers last time, even the bottles. talk about the bases that will be here. >> phil: we up with the idea to have 30 charitable bases. there's a good component with the ibm program. >> thank you so much, howard. i appreciate it.
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these will be here tomorrow night and fans can bid on them and then they'll go to charity. coming up, why this program is so important. we'll go into detail on that. live at at&t park, chef any calm. >> with. >> a little pop culture for you. >> the world series will be one of those things trying up traffic. there's also cal-oregon tonight. both expecting crowds around the shoreline amphitheater. and performing, tom jones, neil young and the sharks. >> there's barely any time to
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sleep this weekend. >> well, you can raise. >> what are we looking at, rob mayeda? >> 62, we've got some patchy low clouds out toward the north bay. it appears thickening up,s a the finally he's 70s in the north bay. you'll notice the clouds thickening ups a this weakened storm system bears down. now for a check of your friday commute, here's mike. >> the toll plaza goes, you have cash lanes building um gradually. we'll see the metering lights
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turned on in the next couple. my concern for highway medicaid. now we have two lanes blocked for cruise that are allowing okay lannis. you'd use it perhaps at the o. washington lawmakers making new moves today to try to contain the ebola virus. >> plus a south bay family huddling on its roof waiting for help to arrive. details coming up next.
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a new york city doctor tests positive for the virus after spending time treating people in liberia. tracie potts joins us. >> reporter: lawmakers are going to start asking questions. the pentagon and homeland security all coming in today. nurses as well. nurses unions complained that hospitals weren't ready. they'll be testifying today about whether the u.s. needs to beef up its preparedness for ebola. and in fort carson, colorado we're seeing troops getting ready to go overseas, 160 engineers, who are being trained to suit up, even though they're not dealing directly with patients in west africa, they'll be in the hot zone.
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>> we will continue to follow this story all morning long. coming up on the "today" show, we'll have the latest details from new york. hoda kotbe will discuss the issue. >> all members of this family survived but the family dog died in that blaze. no other home were impacted. we'll have a live report coming up. >> it is 5:44. a car slammed into a popular restaurant in dublin.
5:45 am
several witnesses say they heard a boom and watched the car crash through the window. >> came out screaming. i'm like everything is going to be okay. >> she was parked right here. she wanted to back up. she thought she was on the reverse gear but she was on the drive gear. she wanted to stop it and push the brake but since she was nervous, she pushed the accelerator even harder. >> seven people were rushed to the hospital, including the driver. one person was seriously hurt. police aren't saying why the driver may have been confused. >> after listening to hours of public testimony, members voted 5-1 to take action against chris stampolis last night. he's accused of threatening and harassing district court employees for years. they essentially stripped him of his powers, making it very
5:46 am
litt little. >> it's absolutely appropriate. i just feel it's almost too little too late. it's very symbolic. i don't think it's going to change his behavior. >> and for his part, he says he's not going to resign. he must still abide by a restraining order. >> a couple hours from now, surfers will paddle out. the actual surfing contest runs from january 31st until the end of march. they hope to boost prize money
5:47 am
for the surfers and friday opinion game time tonight, 5:07, coming up at the very top of the hours. >> but will the weather hold for the weekend? let's check in with rob. >> you're setting us up now, rob. >> it's saturday. but it's la we're after noon on the way of nps. >> maybe a little bit of misty sky. but notice saturday, scattered showers coming in. sunday looks just fine but.
5:48 am
>> near 70 in san francisco for the bort. >> this is also good news at levi stadium. you'll see the clouds eni'd preet downprn. >> it's a storm that is gathering strength offshore starts to push through the bay area tomorrow morning that you'll notice the wund picking up and rain coming through. saturday morning, not just for the north bay but in the south game, too. still dealing with sop showers shut down a third of an inch
5:49 am
possible there in santa rose a. you'll see win speeds from 7 claum temperatures coming downs a we get into the weekend. skies begin to clear and a slow warmup early next week. here's mike. >> we're watching for the behave bridge and the backup because the metering lights were still on. i thought maybe it might be an issue from the toll plaza itself. we do see the green light across for the cash lanes and flashing lights for all the past track lanes. so that seam has calmed down now. out to your maps, we're looking
5:50 am
at a smooth drive for all of your oweses. it's hard here be psh that can take you part way around the backup and that won't take you all the way. it sounds like a larger vehicle was on fire. no injuries reported and that's the slowest spot for your build right now. we'll show you fremont getting down there. the live look shows you southbound 880. the standard flow for a friday, though, no surprises here or on the peninsula. >> frjs.
5:51 am
>> gutierrez is a transient. however, both are linked to seven fires set on one day last month. the fires destroyed five businesses and destroyed nearly $3 million in damage. peterson's lawyer says his client is not guilty. gutierrez has admitted to setting one fire while high on crystal meth. >> the aes are holding out hope that they can move back negotiations for another seven years. san jose is still trying to win approval to move the league south. the commission has not offered any answers in the past four years. whether there was a deal or not, the as do still have a home with
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a brand new ten-year lease to continue to play at dot. >> what can you expect to see the plays? yes, i'm proposition f. 7. >> rchlts so publics, toyota and crea create. >> if you've closed a home loan in the last 18 months, cashcall
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can finance you. win a ford f-150 or a ford fusion or win cash. the ticket to ride giveaway only
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at great resort and casino. 5:54 this morning. financial investors are warning to watch shares of amazon today. shares fell sharply last night, this after they reported a huge loss in the last quarter. they continue to invest. amazon is projecting slower
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sales growth for the upcoming holiday season. ♪ making waves on the pontoon >> the country quartet will perform the national anthem before tonight's game. >> get your country on. also taking part in the pregame ceremonies, former giants manager ryan craig and former a's manager tony larussa. the two were the bosses 25 years ago with the loma prieta quake
5:56 am
struck. >> memories are priceless. >> and kindness pays. >> and rob is in for christina. >> looks pretty good right now. a little patchy fog in the north bay. looking pretty mild, mid 70s this afternoon. rain holding off until a little bit later on tonight. mike? >> we continue to gradually build this morning. the big problem is on 24. there is a car fire reported and backed up all the way to the pleasant hill offramp.
5:57 am
the walnut creek interchange, that's what greets you. >> mike is the official ambassador. thank you very much, mike. >> our coverage of the world series continues at 6:00 as well. how can you experience the game as a vip next. >> and a live look at at&t park right now. >> and looking glorious. >> oh, yeah. so much to cover, stick around. 5:57.
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breaking news at 6:00. a family jumps to safety from a
6:00 am
fire. >> and the big gun going tonight, ready for the start of his life, tim hudson in the world series show down. >> and the storm system making a big impact on your weekend. >> and making a big impact on your friday commute, a car fire. >> we've got news across the bay covered for you this mornings a we take a live look outside. it's friday, october 24th. this is "today in the bay." >> a good friday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do begin with breaking news this morning. firefighters have called for backup to help them fight a large house


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